Earth 26 Spider-Man

28 March, 2017 | Posted in Comic Strips

I remember drawing “cheesy” spider-man personal comics as kid. Basically, with no whatsoever plot, character motives or any necessary ingredient required in storytelling. A random villain would appear, so would spider-man and they would try to beat the crap outta each other. Also, there was this stupid obsession to sketch spider-man webbing the whole body of antagonist in every next fourth or fifth panel, such an overkill. The very last one I remember was the one with Scorpion during my 4th grade (eventually Scorpion dies when chopper crashes). The story was vague as shit.

The very first Marvel comics I ever owned was Ultimate Spider-Man issue 3, did try to collect every monthly issue but it became extremely hard to keep up (I come from a small town and the amount of copies available there was scarce and infrequent, besides I stayed in hostel too). Once, a teacher caught me reading this comic where spider-man battled the green goblin with the incredible hulk trying to rip them at midst of their conflict during nap time after lunch and he tore it into shreds and gave it back to me. Since that day, I couldĀ  never muster enough courage to read comics during nap time again (messes up the collection).

And then came year 2005, came across Ultimate Spider-man video game for PC, bought it and had to wait a year to play it. I knew very well it wouldn’t run with the video card I had back then, but down the road, I knew I would ‘ve one in future, I wouldn’t let it pass through me and eventually I did (played it on the highest settings. Muahaha), which reminds me there was this level, where there is this big chase/rescue mission (Venom kidnaps Silver Sable and the player i.e: Spider-man has to chase Venom and needs to keep Venom in a line of sight).

I’d use a very basic game pad (no analog sticks) and so the camera view couldn’t be mapped onto the game pad. Due to this shortcoming, I failed that level so many times that I ended up smashing the gamepad. But eventually I beat the whole game. I personally think that Ultimate Spider-Man video game’s one of the best spider-man game ever made and now with the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4, I’m really excited.

Regarding the “ulcer” part in comic above, months back, I woke up starving, went to grab lunch, did go so wolfish that i bit good chunk off my inner lower lip. Long story short, lunch was ruined, so did the meals for next six days. Hope you enjoyed it.

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