Shadow Blade: Reload

2 May, 2016 | Posted in Sketches

Shadow Blade: Reload is a fast-paced ninja platforming game from developer Dead Mage released on July 21, 2014. It features intuitive controls and an array of weapons, challenging levels, a level editor and more levels. There is also a iOS, Android and Ouya version of this game titled Shadow Blade, though it lacks the level editor mode and consists fewer levels contrary to it’s PC version.

The protagonist of the game is a young man, named Kuro, who is on his quest to become the Shadow Blade. He must seek the teachings of the last remaining ninja master. He must make through sundries of challenging levels, countless traps, sneak past enemies or right over their dead bodies. The interesting part of the game is, the player ought to be fast, stealthy and be aware of the environment.

I used pencil to lay down the rough outlines and gel pen to ink. If you are into side-scrolling / platforming genre, I urge you to give it a try and if so, go for the PC version.

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