A New Segment

24 April, 2016 | Posted in Blogs

This is just a quick little disclosure update. Lately, I’ve got this feeling that the contents in my website has become monotonous and wearisome, so in an attempt to escape from this dull, colorless and mundane sketches all the time, I’ve decided to add a new segment onto my portfolio.

I’ve decided to color some of my old (already published sketch) and of course handful of new sketches too, that’s yet to publish. Honestly and personally, I’ve always considered myself substandard at coloring and to this very day was never thrilled about it, but recently I had a change of mind and have decided to give it a go.

As Franz Liszt said “Beware of missing chances, otherwise it may be altogether too late some day”, so why not give it a try and find out, just like those answer in our lives that we never find until and unless we query the question.

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