The Immortals

19 April, 2016 | Posted in Sketches

The Immortals served as an Imperial Guard and a standing army during the Persian Empire’s expansion and the Greco-Persian Wars. They were so named because the group always contained exactly 10,000 men, as each man who retired, was killed, wounded, or seriously ill would be immediately replaced by a reserve. The Immortals also immediately removed all of their killed and wounded from the battlefield which heightened the illusion that they couldn’t be killed.

Contrary to popular belief, the Immortals did not die out after Alexander conquered Persia. Later Persian Empires revived the Immortals and their reputation continued to survive. They were the elite unit of Persian empire, who fought for the Achaemenid Empire.

They were trained in and used variety of weapons such as Sagaris (similar to small battle axe or a war hammer) for close-range combat, spear for mid-range and bows and arrows for long range. They also used Chariot Scythe as their special weapon.

Though the Immortals in other medias i.e: graphic novel and movie, has been flaunted as grotesque and abomination looking in appearance beneath their mask, wearing a black colored outfits underneath their armor, it’s hard to describe their actual licit uniform as the documentation available isn’t good enough, descriptions in narrative sources are not detailed enough and pictorial evidence is dangerous at best since it all comes from the Greeks and the attribution of a depiction to the Immortals is far from sure.

I used pencil to lay down the rough outline, gel pen to ink and a ballpoint pen for rendering.

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