The Sentinels

30 March, 2016 | Posted in Sketches

The sentinels are a fictional variety of mutant-hunting robots in Marvel universe and are programmed to locate mutants and capture or kill them. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, they first made their appearance in X-Men #14 and are usually portrayed as antagonists to the X-Men.

Sentinels are technologically advanced, and have exhibited a wide variety of abilities. They are armed, capable of flight, and can detect mutants at long range. They possess vast physical strength, and their bodies are highly resistant to damage. Some are able to alter their physical forms or re-assemble and reactivate themselves after they have been destroyed. While many are capable of tactical thought, only a handful are self-aware.

I used pencil to lay down the rough outlines, Micron pens (08, 005 and 02) to ink. Though the sketch also features Cyclops battling a sentinel, I’m gonna do a solo sketch of Cyclops very soon and give the detailed short description about him in that post since he’s one of my favorite X-men.

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