Silver Banshee

26 March, 2016 | Posted in Sketches

Silver Banshee is a fictional comic book super-villain in DC universe published by DC Comics, primarily as an opponent of Superman. Originally named as Siobhan McDougal by her parents, Silver Banshee gained her powers after a failed ritual to become the new patriarch of her clan, which was interrupted and sabotaged by her bother, Bevan, and was dragged away into an infernal netherworld. An entity called “the Crone” granted her powers and the ability to return to Earth as the Silver Banshee.

She has superhuman strength, agility, speed, endurance, and a high degree of resistance to physical and energy-based attacks. Her incredibly strong and destructive hypersonic wails, sonic screams, and sonic yells can kill anyone within a certain range as long as she can see her victim and knows their secret true name. Victims are usually reduced to desiccated husks. Silver Banshee is able to use her sound/sonic-based abilities to teleport via sound waves.

I used pencil, ballpoint and Micron pens for this sketch. Pencil to lay down the rough basic outlines, Micron pen to ink (the Micron 08 offers the thickest line at .50 millimeters in thickness) and ballpoint pen to shade certain areas.

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