Welcome to Gatling Inks!!

22 March, 2016 | Posted in Blogs

Hey there! My name is Gyati Lampung, welcome to my website and this is my first blog post ever, I apologize if this post appears muddled and unmethodical as I’m a newbie to writing blogs, yet I’m super thrilled and delighted at same time to share my personal artworks and learn new things too from all of you.

I started sketching since my early childhood, as far as I can recall. There was a time when I was immensely obsessed drawing muscular shirtless guys with bandanna. I don’t really know why, maybe it was all because of the action figures I had or it was just some prevalent stage that we male child go through. I’ve always considered sketching as my serious hobby and I guess this seriousness augmented inside me when I saw numerous great sketches done by a cousin of mine, whom I still call “Aati” to this day, all because I was really young and couldn’t say “Atte” (which means “Big Brother” in my native tongue) properly. I vividly remember his Iron Maiden Virtual XI cover sketch as if I’ve seen it some hours ago and honestly that sketch hit me like a ton of bricks. Besides, he also did a Leonardo Dicaprio sketch (I guess it was the year before or after Titanic movie was released, I can’t remember) which was super identical except he did neither ink nor color it.

He also had this stash of comic books and I’m pretty sure that it was the first time I was ever introduced to the amazing world of heroic genre comic books. Since that moment, to this present day there was no turning back and there won’t be any in future too. I’m also really happy that comic book community have grown so much and gained so much more popularity today, as from my past personal experience some people I’ve known and met considered comic books to be waste of time, and here we are today where comic books and comic book based movies are making astonishing impacts and both comic book fans and non-fans are going gaga over it.

On my website you can expect numerous DC, Marvel, cartoon, video game characters sketches and sometimes maybe a portrait of some famous people once in a blue moon. Besides I’ll also do blogs regarding penciling and inking techniques I use or has worked for me time to time. So enough talk, let the inks do the talking. Thank you for reading.

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